Five years in Bible Translation by the Numbers 2012-2017

scripture stats 2012-17

I have a love/hate relationship with numbers.  I love them, they don’t always love me back.  Same sad relationship I have with technology.  Anyway, let’s take a look at the Bible translation numbers over the past five years.  In Wycliffe, we talk about finishing the task of translating the Scripture into every language.  So, are we making any headway?  The numbers say we are.  Keep reading.

The above graphics  are from Wycliffe Global Alliance’s web-page (  The numbers on the left are from 2012 and on the right we have 2017.  As you can see, the trajectory is heading in a good direction.  Over that five year period, 152 more languages have the entire Bible, while 246 more have at least the New Testament.  Add in the 116 more languages with Scripture portions and we have a total of 514 more languages with at least some Scripture.

That’s pretty awesome but there are still at least 1.5 billion people without the full Bible available in their first language. Over 652 million of these have the New Testament; others have portions or at least some level of translation or preparatory work begun.  So, there is plenty of work left to do.

If this short summary stirred your need for more numbers, Wycliffe Global Alliance has lots more.  Check them out on the aforementioned website.  They have lots of smart people who do both math and Bible translation.

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