Links To The Sieges Psyche

rick and tim golf

This page is just a listing of websites that reflects who were are. You can tell a lot about people by looking at their work benches or desktops or their golf buddies. That’s me and Rick Rhea. Anybody who takes any golf advice from me is suspect. Fortunately, Rick is ignoring me here.

Anyway, you can tell a lot about Denise and I by looking at the kinda stuff we have in our Favorites folder. Have a look. See what you think… “What in The Cat Hair” is a glimpse into the mind of Denise Marie. She blogs about her faith, aging, hot flashes, and whatever else pops into her brain! check it out! Our Website – Oh…wait a minute…you’re already on our website. You don’t need a link. Sorry. My bad. Siler Presby – This is our church in North Carolina. It’s an Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Our pastor, Bruce Powell is a wonderful leader and man of God. We really love him and the church. Thank You Lord for leading us to this place of worship and ministry. Wycliffe – Main site for Wycliffe. Tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Wycliffe but were afraid to ask. Grace Bible Church – This is our home church in Bozeman, Montana. If you like good expository preaching listen to pastor Bryan Hughes open up the Word of God. You won’t find another preacher who does it better. Trust me. Mission Aviation – CBN story and video about the latest in aviation and Bible translation. Since we work out of the JAARS Center where mission aviation is huge…we figured you would want some quality info on the topic. Bible Gateway – You gotta have this link in your favorites. Great for looking up Scripture passages and comparing translations. Enduring Word – This is David Guzik’s website. I like his commentaries and expository sermons. Check him out. He’s good. The Garnet and Black Attack – All the scoop you need about the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. You need this information. Now you know what you’ve been missing in life.!/denise.sieges This is Denise’s Facebook. I don’t do Facebook. Denise is so good at it…i don’t have to. Check her out and be her friend. Everybody else is. You gotta like The People of Walmart. Go to this website and see how my family is doing. It’s like the Sieges Family Photo Album. Pretty funny. It is good see other people struggling to not look dumb…yet failing.

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