Thirty-One Year Timeline 1987-2018

fam at ilc dallas

See those friendly ’80s looking people in the photo? That’s Denise and I and the girls in 1988 at Wycliffe’s Dallas center. Heh heh. Young and bright eyed family, huh? They are ready for just about anything. That’s how it is when you’re young and bright eyed and wanting to save the world through Bible translation.
This article will give you the full panorama (within the historical context) of our last 26 years in Wycliffe Bible Translators. Time flies when you’re having fun and serving in Bible translation.
Let’s look at the last 31 years…


wycliffe intro and prozac

Tim and Denise Sieges along with Anna (2 years) and Ruth (6 months) were accepted as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and raised their needed donor support to go to Dallas, TX. The Lord blessed their efforts and they made it through that first incredible year. People sometimes ask Tim what was his scariest moment in being a missionary…living among cannibals…visiting dangerous politically volitile countries…eating weird stuff? Shoot, no…that kinda stuff is just good clean fun. The scariest day of his mission’s career was the day he resigned from his job at Family Outreach, Inc. in Bozeman, Montana and started living on donations. Scary but a real good faith builder.

During that year, US president Ronald Reagan underwent prostate surgery…Jim Bakker got defrocked by the Assemblies of God Church…Prozac made its debut in the USA.

1988, 1989

dallas days photo

Tim and Denise worked at the International Linguistic Center in Dallas, TX. Denise also sold cookies at the dorm for grocery money. They learn to truly live by faith that the Lord will provide for all their needs. They take the Intercultural Communication Course and Management Orientation Course and fill in the final pieces of their “pre-field” training puzzle. They are ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

In Atlanta, GA the Democratic National Convention selected Michael Dukakis to run for president…one month later the Republicans chose George H.W. Bush as their party’s candidate….Bush wins the presidency. Baseball manager and all time hits leader, Pete Rose agreed to a lifetime ban from baseball. Oops. Pete missed the memo on gambling.

1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

bill and png photo

Tim and Denise and Anna and Ruthie attend “Jungle Camp” in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea…swam a mile in Nagada Bay to pass the course…learned to speak Tok Pisin with heavy American accents…lived and worked in the highlands of Papua New Guinea…did stuff every single day they had never done before…returned to USA and gave birth to a little boy they named Bud.

The Soviet Union collapsed…along with the Berlin Wall…America fought a war with Iraq…Democrat Bill Clinton won the US presidency. Pretty busy four years, folks.

1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

cabin and oj

Tim and Denise took up residence in North Carolina…lived in a rotting log cabin…Tim started Wycliffe’s first counseling ministry at the JAARS Center…Denise finished a masters degree in human resource leadership and began work in Wycliffe USA personnel…Anna played softball…Ruthie sang and danced…Bud followed his tummy around the log cabin.

Bill Clinton served another term as president but was gonna get in big trouble before it was all over. OJ Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife and a young guy. Welcome back to America, Tim and Denise.

1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

y2k funny

Tim finished a doctorate in counselor education at the University of South Carolina, home of the Fighting Gamecocks. He taught adult Sunday school and a high school boys Bible study…taught at Montreat College and USC…counseled for Lancaster Mental Health Department…coached softball…and kept the log cabin from falling apart. Denise worked in Wycliffe USA personnel…coordinated women’s retreats at church…ran the snack bar down at the swimming pool…and kept the log cabin from falling apart. Anna graduated from high school and went to Gardner Webb University. Ruthie kept on singing and acting in high school productions. Bud started taking karate and playing sports and continued to follow his tummy through the day.

Y2K disaster turns out to be a Y2K dud…George W. Bush becomes America’s 43rd president…tragedy strikes the USA in Twin Towers terror attack.  Crazy five year period.  For real.

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

morrell and obama

Tim kept on doing his work in Wycliffe…but got promoted to the head job in the counseling ministries…took trips to Africa to teach at a pastor’s college in Kenya…sold his log cabin to the highest bidder…kept teaching adult SS…graduated his high school boys Bible study and took on a new batch of middle school boys. Denise focused her Wycliffe efforts on her responsibilities as Training Coordinator for Personnel Development. She built up the women’s ministry and missions programs at our church. Then she took a job as the church director at Weddington Community Church. Anna graduated from Gardner-Webb University and went to seminary in Boston and studied in Israel…Ruthie graduated from high school and started college at Wingate University. Bud gets his junior black belt in karate and graduated from middle school. He continued to follow his tummy around.

America fought another war with Iraq…and won again…the Red Sox win the World Series for the first time since 1918…Barack Obama is elected first African-American president. The American economy takes a devasting downturn. And the Lord…sovereign God of heaven and earth…continued to follow His plan from eternity past as He wrote the great story of His goodness and love and mercy and justice.

2009, 2010, 2011

anna and jacko

Tim continues to do four jobs in Wycliffe USA Counseling Ministries. Sets a new standard for doing performance appraisals on himself. Actually, tries to cut his own pay for being insubordinate to himself during a meeting with himself. Twisted but true. (See the article on what we do on this website for clarification.) Denise’s shifted out of her role at Weddington Community Church to a new job working with a 15 year old Autistic boy. Anna finished two masters degrees at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Then she got started in a doctoral program at Baylor University in Old Testament. And then she got married to Matthew Beal. Whew, Anna. Slow down, baby.   Ruthie finished her bachelor’s degree in Human Services at Wingate University. Bud got a job at a local supermarket, remained active in youth group and his core group’s Bible study and secured a drivers license. He continued his tummy following while growing into a fine young Christian man.

In world news, wars in Afganistan and Iraq continued as the economy languished in a serious funk. Michael Jackson’s bizarre life ended. Gas prices hit $4 per gallon. And we had to stay home more.


bud and miguel

The big news of 2012 has to be that Bud graduated from Weddington High School. Sure…it’s an election year…but Bud’s great achievement was not overshadowed by the selection of a leader for the free world.  He (Bud, not the president) also went on a mission trip to Alaska then went to college and got a girlfriend, name Ky (more on her later).  He’s a freshman Mountaineer at Appalachian State University. That’s Apple-latch-in or Appy State University in Boone, NC. Ruthie had a big job breakthrough this year. She is working at Christ Community Child Development Center in Sun Valley, NC. She’s a preschool teacher and loves it. And Anna and Matt have purchased a $40,000 house in Waco. Rumor is that it has no heat or central air. They are trusting in the Texas weather to regulate their in home temperature. They also got pregnant and are expecting my first granddaughter in January. Stay tuned on that news….


emmie and the pope

2013. Whata year!  Tim and Denise became grandparents. Emelia Margaret Beal was born on January 27th. She was just TOO cute from the beginning. See the Shameless Grandparent page on this website for more on Emmie. Anna finished her whole study program except for the dissertation. The only thing better than ABD (All But Dissertation) is PhD. Stay tuned to next year’s report for that. Tim had spinal fusion surgery and buried his brother See “Saying Goodbye to My Brother” blog entry on this website. Bud became a resident assistant at App State. Denise traveled to Waco, Iowa City and Toronto…and then to Waco again. Ruthie kept working with 4 year olds and their parents. Whew.

In world news, Pope Benedict XVI resigned cuz he was feeling too old to keep going. We’ve all been there. Syria had a civil war. And the US government had a partial shut down. Yikes. Maybe the government should have resigned like the Pope. just saying…

2014 and 2015

bud and yogi

Two years blurred together in the Sieges home.  Tim just keeps doing his job in counseling ministries.  He still has all those jobs.  But he is learning to work smarter if not fewer hours.  That’s one of the blessings of doing this for nearly 30 years.  Lord willing, even a dumb guy can figure out a better way to manage the work load.

Matt and Anna and Emmie moved from Texas to NC.  Anna took a job as a Bible professor at Gardner Webb University and Matt started a doctoral program at Boston University.  They have now settled into the home in Boiling Springs, NC.  Our granddaughter, Emmie is growing up fast.  She still super cute and I never tire of hearing her say, “Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa…”

Ruthie has a new job as a book sorter/appraiser for Goodwill Industries.  She loves it.  What could be better for Roo than looking at donated books and figuring out if they’re valuable or not?  Spending her day at a Goodwill store is really a dream come true for her.

Bud and Ky (girlfriend from Alaska) got married and settled into life in Winston-Salem, NC.  Bud has started grad school at Wake Forest Divinity School.  He is also the director of a residence hall while Kyla works as a nanny for two different families.  The kids are doing great in their first year of married life.

It was hard to keep up with celebrity news these last two years.  There were too many mishaps, foul ups and downfalls to mention.  But we did say goodbye to Yogi Berra.  One of the most real celebrities in our national pantheon of celebrities will be missed.  Good bye Yogi.  You were the best of us in so many ways.

2016 and 2017the fam 2017 and trump

And here we are 2017.  Notice any differences in the family?  See that little lumberjack baby Denise is holding?  He’s new.  He is Bramble Beal.  The newest grandchild.  See that look on his face?  That IS-ANYONE-IN-CHARGE-HERE look?  That’s my little guy.  Oh and also, Bud is holding our grandpug, Rolo.   A growing family of kids and dogs.  Lots of fun.  From left to right standing:  Anna and Matt added Bramble to family.  Anna continues to teach Bible at GWU and Matt is closing in on his doctorate from Boston University.  Ruthie continues her stellar career at Goodwill Industries.  While Ky and Bud and Rolo are still in Winston-Salem, NC.  Ky is a first grade teacher and Bud is a residence hall director and divinity school student.  Sitting down so they don’t fall down is Tim and Denise with the grandkids.  Grandkids are more fun than work but don’t bring in any money.  That’s okay, they provide much better compensation.

And in the news…new president.

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