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April 2018 Official Sieges Newsletter: Yes-No-Wait…WHAT?

February 2018 Yes-No-Wait Newsletterprayer cartoon

Yes, Eugene.  You have only two choices here.  Pick one.  Having said that, I’ve got good news for the rest of us.  God knows more than three words.  Really.  He does.  Give the Bible a try.  You’ll be surprised at how articulate He is.

Okay, my faithful homies.  You can see the new edition of The Official Sieges Newsletter in two different formats.  If the images below are too dinky to read, have no fear.  You can just click on the link to the PDF file and voila…it’s right there.   Almost like magic only it’s technology.   Nice.  And as always…thanks for reading our newsletters.…/february-2018-yes-no-wait-newsletter.pdfApril 2018 Yes-No-Wait Newsletter 2 April 2018 Yes-No-Wait Newsletter 1

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