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Heartwarming Christmas Album Covers

Ready for a little trip down memory lane?  Christmas is all about looking back with a sense of nostalgic wonder.  Music certainly plays a part in taking us to the awesomeness of Christmas past.  Here are my top ten most amazing Christmas albums from yesteryear.  If these don’t take you back to better times, at least they can make you thankful that those days are behind us.  Enjoy….

afroman's christmas

Afroman’s musical career was strangely longer than you might think.  His warm and tender Christmas album was popular for obvious reasons. But his biggest hit was Because I Got High released in 2001.  You may remember it with the tagline: Afrolicious Edit.  Afroman was the personification of Afrolicious.

fish guy

For decades, Tavin Pumarejo’s singing tuna or piranha has helped many people get in the Christmas spirit.   Tavin’s nickname in Puerto Rico is “El Hígado de Ganso” or “The Goose’s Liver”.   I learned that on Wikipedia so you know it’s true.  Goodness, one look at Tavin and you know it’s true.  Viva El Higado de Ganso!!

yellow christmas

Yellowman?  Yep.  That smug critical look belongs to the one and only King Yellowman of Jamaican reggae fame. His yellow Christmas classics left us all dreaming of a yellow Christmas just like the ones we used to know.  BTW:  Yellowman’s best work was his Zungguzungguguzungguzeng album.  I can’t make this stuff up.

death row christmas

Christmas on Death Row is a soul searching collection of Holiday favorites released in 1996.  The album featured a young Snoop Dog performing the timeless seasonal hit, Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto.  Wikipedia confirms that is exactly what Santa did in 1996.  Some say he never left.

heino christmas

Sure, Heino looks like he’s just some German guy wearing a blonde hair helmet.  But Heino has enjoyed a long Deutschland music career which has included such hits as Blau Blüht Der Enzian (How Blue Blooms the Gentian) and Das Polenmädchen (The Poland Girls).  His 1968 tribute to the TV series Bonanza, Zu der Ponderosa Reiten Wir (At the Ponderosa We Ride) makes me miss Hoss, Little Joe and Pa. 

mom and dads christmas

As if we needed more evidence that polygamy is a bad idea.  Looks like Mom is presenting Dad #3 with Dad #2’s blue leisure suit coat.  Dad #1’s awesome flattop tells you why he’s #1.  This Canadian group’s biggest hit was Mom & Dad’s Schottische.  Got my toe tapping just remembering that epic tune.

student nurse christmas

Oh my.  If you got admitted to Whidden Memorial Hospital in 1950 you had to guard your jello closely.  That dead girl in the middle row (second from the right) would suck it right off your tray.  Tater tots didn’t stand a chance against this lineup.

done got funky christmas

People…you have to listen to Jimmy Jules and his shirtless Nuclear Soul System sing the lead track on this album.   Funky, yes.  Funkilicous, oh my goodness YES!  See if you can pick out that random white guy’s contribution to this classic.  Even though he has mastered the bent elbow pose, he still seems a wee bit out of place.

cow pie christmas

Um…I’m not totally sure why British children would be so happy about a cow pie for Christmas.  My brother and I were always grateful when we found one under the Sieges family tree.  But that’s cuz Mom and Dad told us it was a Frisbee.  This one looks a little too fresh for the beach.

denise's disco christmas

And finally, Denise’s favorite Christmas album back in 1970’s.  She’s still a legend in Iowa City for her Yuletide version of the hustle and the bus stop.   Really.  Just ask her.  She’ll show you her moves.  She has still got ’em.


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